MY LEPTOCONNECT TESTIMONY: How I used Leptoconnect to eliminate over 60 pounds of weight without Exercise

leptoconnect colon cleanse

I still don’t even believe I am the one writing this, because I usually don’t believe in weight loss supplements like leptoconnect and maybe others.

I always felt it was the way for the big boys to make money off curious people.

This sincerely is my leptoconnect testimony, because I never knew there would be a genuine supplement in the market like leptoconnect colon cleanse to get me my shape back because I actually thought I was gonna be fat forever. But today I can go out for every occasion with a bareback and not feel some kind of way. My former and later picture below says it all.

my leptoconnect testimony


As you can see in the before picture above, the one on the left was me weighing over 240 pounds, and the picture on the right is what I look like now after using the leptoconnect colon cleanse which I am going to talk about more in this article.

Well, as you know I am a lady in my mid-thirties. I was between the border of being normal and overweight.

I was trying to lose some weight but I was not having any luck, so was wondering about starving/fasting. That doesn’t sound bad, but it looked really bad and quite uncomfortable too. It was gained over lockdown due to excess eating, my own stupid fault.

For the last 8 months, I tried eating healthy, exercising drastically, a tiny breakfast, and a medium meal in the evening. Not a pound came off.

I walked 50km a week, go for runs every 3 days, do strength training every 2-3 days, and go swimming once a week, and my calorie intake was definitely lower than average – 1500 per day.

To be honest, I was not eating junk food every day, no sneaky treats, nothing – it didn’t make sense why I was not losing anything, I was even getting fatter and almost lost my confidence, till a friend I know, who used to be overweight introduced me to leptoconnect colon cleanse.

I would have been skeptical if I didn’t know the lad, she used to be fat that I even thought she was happy that way. Because I was willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the fat I started searching for the leptoconnect product till I found it


I also want you to know that, before leptoconnect, I have been using a lot of weight loss pills prescribed by internet gurus and pharmacists.

I have tried so many other kinds of stuff like diet and stuff, intermediate fasting, and what I noticed was that this only made me lose weight temporarily because I always gained the weight back, and sometimes I even gained more weight than I should.

So that was the major issue for me because I wanted something that will stay permanent.

I think leptoconnect is one of the best diet pills for women and also for men because it has been months since I stopped using the supplement and I am still in perfect shape. I haven’t regained a single pound back


  • The leptoconnect colon cleanse is 100% natural
  • Controls fat retention
  • So easy to use
  • Gives faster results
  • Puts your body in starvation mode (ketosis), for quicker weight reduction.
  • Controls your food cravings
  • Expands the digestion in your body
  • Controls the glucose level in your circulative system

Once you start using leptoconnect, your body gets into a starvation mode called ketosis. It helps to decrease your food yearnings, especially undesirable cravings for food, and also reduces undesirable muscles according to the fat reduction ratio.

You may be thinking if this is yet another weight loss solution you have tried out in the past and I perfectly understand you because I can perfectly relate.

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