Out of nowhere orangetheory is taking the top of the weight loss mainstream. That should be because of its user-friendly methods which are suitable for even beginners who are looking for an easier and more fun way to workouts.

The reason why we are discussing this topic today is that there have been a lot of questions on whether orangetheory works, secondly how many days a week should someone orangetheory to lose weight.

So we had to try it out ourselves for a month to be sure of the results. With a month of daily dieting and exercise, our client was about to lose 10 pounds.

I believe we were able to achieve this result because we also made sure the diet was right.Orangetheory helps you to lose weight quite alright but the main concept of Orangetheory is owning the life you have ever wished for.



Orangetheory will give you better fitness results if you do it 4 times a week. This will help your heart rate increase, and this will make you better at exercising in the future. So just work hard and Orangetheory will give you good results!


Orangetheory has a lot of tangible benefits which are undeniable

They have wonderful equipment that makes tracking your weight loss progress easy. It’s so easy to see the progress. It’s suitable even for a pregnant woman, helps you develop an athletic look

  • Its equipment helps you track and know your progress. It’s so easy to see the progress.
  • It’s suitable even for a pregnant woman
  • Helps you develop an athletic look

As you progress with the exercise you to move from the treadmill to the floor or vice versa according to the stage you find yourself in. You are free to improvise, but a dumbbell or something close to it will do. If you become consistent with this program it won’t take up to 30 days before the people around you will notice the change in your physique, energy, and vibe.

Some people admitted to having had fast weight loss…Some said they even lost tremendous weight in two weeks after its consistent workout program.

To some people, this program can come with muscles sores but just like every other exercise with time your muscle with adjusting to each level of fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is a type of group exercise class, with different themes (for example, power, strength, and endurance) every hour.


What Is Orange Theory Fitness?

In my experience, there is no better way to torch calories and tone up than with a indoor rowing machine. It’s one of the most effective exercises you can do for your overall fitness and health, as it works multiple muscle groups in a short amount of time while also burning lots of calories. The studios I’ve tried offer a variety of machines that target different parts of the body, from chest presses to lat pulldowns, so you can find the perfect equipment for your needs. Plus, like all great workouts, they are extremely motivating – you won’t be able to resist giving them a go!

The gym has a heart rate monitor that everyone in the room wears. This shows you how many calories you’ve burned, and what your heart rate is at right now. It also tells you which ‘zone’ of the heart cycle it puts you in.

There are five different levels of performance. The first level is in the grey zone, which is called ‘challenging but doable.’ At this level, people are working at 71%-83% of their maximum capacity. The second level is blue, and it’s called challenging yet achievable. People here work at 90%-100% of their maximum potential.

The next level is green: It’s still challenging but can be done with a lot of effort. People here work at 83%-91% of their capacity. Moving on to orange: This zone is very hard but possible if you put a lot of effort into it! People in orange reach 100% or more of their capabilities.

Last comes red: This zone is completely impossible and someone would have to be superhuman to get anywhere near reaching their full potential Here’s an example: If Jane has a job that requires her to write 500 essays per month, she would be in the grey zone since she only writes 300 essays per month (assuming that all other aspects remain equal).

At 84-91% of maximum HR, working orange means it’s uncomfortable because you’re not putting in all your effort. Working red means you’re completely dedicated to the job and pushing yourself as hard as possible.

After each class, the goal is to stay in the orange or red zone for at least 12 minutes. This helps you burn a lot of calories after exercising. The theory behind this is that this will last for 36 hours.

The ‘afterburn effect’ is the idea that your metabolism stays high after you work out. This means you’ll have more energy for the rest of the day.

Every minute you spend near the orange and red zones (near traffic jams or in high-stress areas) awards you with one ‘splat point’ on your screen. These points also show up later when you’re looking at your stats.